Recipes in Dentistry 2020


The global situation makes us reconsider not only a structure of our daily life, but also look for new education solutions. LOOD conference is not an exception. This year we are inviting you to stay home and make a web of great minds by connecting online.

Why should we read scientific articles if it takes time and after all it’s still not clear what and how to implement it in practice?

Phrases such as “How to treat such cases?”, “What is the message to the practitioner?”, “What kind of treatment algorithm should be?” and similar are often heard.
The most common answer is that there is no cookbook in medicine. However, with the growing body of scientific literature and reliable data, some solutions in practice may already be based on evidence-based dentistry.

The aim of this conference is to bring together the best international and Lithuanian experts in the field of prosthodontic dentistry, who could systematize scientific and practical materials and provide as many practical solutions as possible – “prescriptions”. Residents of LSMU and VU will present short practice-oriented literature reviews that will be easy to use in practice.

In what areas will “recipes” be prepared? What will we learn and in what areas will we deepen our knowledge?

  • Implant systems and connections-myths vs. clinical reality (Prof. L. Petridis, UCL Eastman Institute of Dentistry, United Kingdom)
  • Latest news on prosthetic dental prognosis (Prof. M. Ferrari, University of Siena, Italy)
  • The role of Occlusion in Temporomandibular Disorders (Prof. A. Michelotti, University of Naples Federico II, Italy)
  • Immediate implantation and restoration – recipe for success or failure? (Prof. Ch. Mehl, Christian-Albrechts Kiel University, Germany)
  • The most reliable protocols for the restoration of worn teeth (Dr. J. Sybaite, UCL Eastman Institute of Dentistry, United Kingdom)
  • Stress free adhesion. 3 main ingredients for your perfect rubberdam technique (Physician M. Kudelis, Private Practice, Lithuania)
  • eLAB colour receipt – a revolutionary ingredient for perfect restorations (Dr. J. Kaktys, Tech. T. Kaktys, Private Practice, Lithuania)
  • Features of an endodontically treated tooth. What a prosthetic doctor needs to know (Assoc. Prof. Dr. S. Drukteinis, Vilnius University, Lithuania)
  • New digital prosthetic protocols for practitioners (Prof. V. Rutkūnas, Vilnius University, Lithuania) and more others.

The abundance of technologies, clinical practices, opinions, and different habits make one wonder which treatment is the most reliable or best suited to the situation. At this conference, great dental chefs will present their own recipes, even for the most sophisticated tastes.

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