Lithuanian Society of Prosthodontics invites all members of European Universities and Colleges as well as general clinical practitioners and specialists in prosthodontics to submit and present their abstracts as Clinical case or Scientific study.

An author of abstract nominated as best work will be motivated with a practical gift supported by partners.

All accepted abstracts will be presented as e-poster at the main LOOD conference and in the electronic abstract book with library index.

One author of accepted abstract will be welcomed to attend LOOD conference free of charge.

Key dates:

  • Abstract submission – 31 March, 2022 to e-mail registracija@lood.lt.
  • Notification of abstract acceptance – by 15 April, 2022.
  • 27th LOOD Conference for e-poster presentations – 6-7 May, 2022.

Requirements for abstract:

  • The topic has to be concerned with direct or indirect teeth restoration, prosthetic treatment or interdisciplinary restorative approaches.
  • Clinical cases and scientific studies are welcome. Unfortunately, reviews can not be accepted.
  • The limit of authors is 5 persons (up to 3 persons from dentistry field) for a case or study.
  • Abstracts have to be prepared on the special draft document to be downloaded here. Please use this form only. Changes in the format or font are not acceptable.
  • Submitted and accepted abstract will be used for onsite presentation as e-poster.
  • Save and send your abstract saved in .ppt or .pdf format.

The language of abstracts – English.

DRAFT OF ABSTRACT (mandatory use).