Schedule of webinars in May

The beginning time – 18.00 (GMT+3)
From 18th May, webinar starts at 19.00 (GMT+3)

7th Thursday #1 – 60 min. (in Lithuanian) – Postponed to 11th May
Aspects of infection prevention and control in the work of dentists during the COVID-19 period
Dr. Rolanda Valintėlienė | Lithuania#2 – 60 min. (in Lithuanian)
Synergy of accurate dental implantology and prosthodontics
Prof. Vygandas Rutkūnas | Lithuania
8th Friday #1 – 70 min. (in English)
A practical guide to quality and precision differences in current CAD/CAM-generated implant abutments and superstructures
Dr. Peter Gehrke | Germany#2 – 50 min. (in Lithuanian)
Reliable treatment protocols for tooth surface loss
Dr. Jurgita Šybaitė | United Kingdom
11th Monday #1 – 60 min. (in Lithuanian)
Aspects of infection prevention and control in the work of dentists during the COVID-19 period
Dr. Rolanda Valintėlienė | Lithuania
12th Tuesday #1 – 70 min. (in English)
Immediate implantation and restoration – recipe for success or failure?
Prof. Christian J. Mehl | United Kingdom#2 – 50 min. (in Lithuanian)
eLAB colour receipt – a revolutionary ingredient for perfect restorations
Dr. Jotautas Kaktys, D. t. Tautvilas Kaktys | Lithuania
13th Wednesday #1 – 70 min. (in English)
Essential lines: Everyday posterior direct restorations by Style Italiano
Dr. Giuseppe Chiodera | Italy#2 – 60 min. (in Lithuanian)
Artificial intelligence in dentistry and medicine. How will it affect our jobs?
Dr. Simonas Grybauskas | Lithuania
14th Thursday 120 min. (in English)
Groningen concept for multidisciplinary maxillofacial rehabilitation
Dr. Harry Reintsema, dr. Nathalie Vosselman, dr. Sebastiaan A.H.J. de Visscher | The Netherlands
18th Monday 45 min. (in Lithuanian)
Students presentations
19th Tuesday #1 – 50 min. (in Lithuanian)
The restoration of endodontically treated teeth. What a prosthetic dentist needs to understand and know?
Assoc. prof. Saulius Drukteinis | Lithuania
#2 – 70 min. (in English)
Restorative options for the endodontically treated tooth: Are we looking at the right factors?
Prof. Marco Ferrari | Italy
20th Wednesday #1 – 70 min. (in English)Novel techniques in tissue preservation and regeneration in implant dentistry
Dr. Attila Bodrogi | Hungary#2 – 50 min. (in Lithuanian)
Stress free adhesion. 3 main ingredients for your perfect rubberdam technique
Dr. Mindaugas Kudelis | Lithuania
21th Thursday #1 – 70 min. (in English)
The role of occlusion in temporomandibular disorders
Prof. Ambra Michelotti | Italy#2 – 70 min. (in English)
Implant systems and connections-myths vs. clinical reality
Prof. Lambis Petridis | United Kingdom