Kaleidoscope of Clinical Cases

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the Society’s annual conference “Kaleidoscope of Clinical Cases” which will take place on 12-14 May! The conference will take place in Vilnius, at the Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva.

Scientific advances are shaping a new understanding of prosthodontics, implants and restorative dentistry. However, all new diagnostic and treatment techniques must pass the test of clinical practice. On the first day of the conference, lectures will be given by experienced practitioners who will present clinical cases that have changed their understanding of diagnosis and treatment. All presentations will focus on a short presentation of a clinical cases, followed by a clinical case study. Aim of the conference – to take away clear “messages” that will help you overcome the challenges of clinical work.

On the second and third day of the conference, we invite you to join international expert Prof. Newton Fahl for lectures on 13 May and practical training on 14 May. The number of places is limited, hurry up and register!

See you there!

2023 05 12 | Friday
08.00–09.00 Registration
09.00-09.10 Welcome
09.10-09.45 TBA
Pulk. leit. Šarūnas Ratkus
09.45-11.15 Caleidoscope of clinical cases
Prof. Murali Srinivasan (Switzerland)
11.15-11.25 Discussion
11.25-11.55 Coffee break
11.55-12.35 Fractures of implant prostheses: how much can an endodontist help?
Dr. Endodontist Kastytis Bušauskas
12.35-13.15 A new look into the passive-fit of implant-supported prostheses
Prof. Vygandas Rutkūnas
13.15-13.25 Discussion
13.25-14.25 Lunch
14.25-15.05 Aesthetics of anterior teeth: prosthetics, fillings, retention.
Agnė Mališauskienė
15.05–16.45 Digitalization – new era of dentistry
Dr. Nazariy Mykhaylyuk (Ukraine)
16.45-17.25 ORTHO-PERIO Patient: what’s new in teamwork?
Dr. Eglė Zasčiurinskienė
17.25-17.40 Discussion
17.40-18.25 Meeting of the Society (only members)
18.25 Closing
19.00 Dinner


2023 05 13 | Saturday

Educational Programs by Newton Fahl, Jr. DDS, MS

Topic: Composite Artistry – Mastering Anterior Restorations

08.00–09.00 Registration
10.00-11.30 Lecture
11.30-12.00 Coffee break
12.00-14.00 Lecture
14.00-15.00 Lunch
15.00-17.00 Lecture
17.00-17.30 Questions, answers, discussion


This course will focus on introducing a philosophy of conservatively, effectively, and artistically performing esthetic direct anterior composite restorations based on principles of emulating proper form, color, and function. Aspects related to the diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution of such restorations will be thoroughly addressed. A step-by-step procedural approach to solving day-to-day anterior direct restorative challenges, which include shade selection, color mapping, color mock-up, tooth preparation, composite resin selection, and artistic implementation, will be presented. In this presentation, Dr. Fahl didactically brings composite restorations to an art form, from invisible IV restorations, direct veneers, diastema closure, and smile makeovers with the direct-indirect technique – the theme of his book “Composite Veneers, the Direct-Indirect Technique. This presentation will discuss the predictable application of smile design concepts to the esthetic and functional rehabilitation of the anterior dentition with direct composite restorations. Aspects of clinical relevance will be thoroughly discussed, such as how to create seamless transitions from tooth substance to synthetic composite restoratives by correct material selection and finishing and polishing techniques. The necessary armamentarium, from instruments to restorative materials, for the predictable and stress-free realization of such restorations will be introduced as clinical cases are meticulously discussed via keynote slides and videos.
Learning Objectives
1. Discuss treatment alternatives to anterior ceramic restorations that elicit esthetic and long-lasting results.
2. Teach the polychromatic layering technique to mimic the natural dentition based on biomimetic and bioinspired principles.
3. Introduce and discuss the ideal mechanical and color properties of esthetic
composite restorative systems to allow clinicians to select the composites that meet their needs.
4. Utilize esthetic principles of composite resin shade matching and placement
techniques to improve esthetics and placement time with composite resin restorations.
5. Discuss finishing and polishing techniques for proper anatomy, function, and an
enamel-like appearance.
6. How to optimize the esthetics and longevity of single or multiple teeth with directindirect veneers and Class V’s for NCCLs.

2023 05 14 | Sunday

Educational Programs by Newton Fahl, Jr. DDS, MS

Topic: The Polychromatic Layering Approach for Creating Anterior Masterpieces with Composite Resins

Duration: 3 ½ hours (morning); 3 ½ hours (afternoon) – total of up to 7 hours.
This course will provide the dentist with hands-on instruction on conservatively,
effectively, and artistically performing aesthetic direct anterior composite restorations based on principles of emulating proper form and color with state-of-the-art composite resin systems. Correct shade selection and efficient material placement will be covered to create polychromatic, life-like, invisible restorations. Finishing and polishing procedures will be presented, including the  armamentarium necessary to achieve an ideal match with the restored tooth and the adjacent dentition.
The morning session covers a peg lateral build-up with the Polychromatic Layering
Technique. The afternoon session covers the restoration of a large Class IV build-up on an upper central incisor. While doing their work, the participants will learn how to methodically implement the techniques presented.
Learning Objectives
• Introduce and discuss the mechanism for achieving the desired restoration color
based on selecting proper composite restoratives and a correct layering technique.
• Learn a protocol for shade selection to achieve correct opacity/translucency,
hue, chroma, and value.
• Discuss finishing and polishing techniques for achieving correct tooth
morphology and an enamel-like appearance

Registration is OPEN ->  https://tickets.paysera.com/en/event/klinikiniu-atveju-kaleidoskopas-5ab7

Please note:

Attendance at the event will be onsite only.
Registration will be open until 05 05 2022


EARLY registration until 2023 04 01

Price Participation only on 05.12 d. Participation only on 05.13 d. Participation both days 05.12-13 d. Hands on course (prof. Newton Fahl) 05.14
Doctors, LSP member* 180 € 370 € 450 € 1200€
Doctor 230 € 470 € 550 €
Residents, dental technologist, LSP members* 120 € 260 € 315 €
Residents, dental technologist 160 € 330 € 385 €
Students, oral hygienists, physician assistants** 80 € 185 € 225 €
Dinner, LSP member** 70
Dinner 100


LATE registration until 2023 05 05 

Price Participation only on 05.12 d. Participation only on 05.13 d. Participation both days 05.12-13 d. Hands on course (prof. Newton Fahl) 05.14
Gydytojams, LOOD nariams* 230 € 470 € 550 € 1200€
Doctor 280 € 570 € 650 €
Residents, dental technologist, LSP members* 190 € 330 € 385 €
Residents, dental technologist 220 € 400 € 455 €
Students, oral hygienists, physician assistants** 120 € 235 € 275 €
Dinner, LSP member** 70
Dinner 100




Price Participation only on 05.12 d. Participation only on 05.13 d. Participation both days 05.12-13 d.
Doctors, LSP member* 280 € 520 € 600 €
Doctor 330 € 620 € 700 €
Residents, dental technologist, LSP members* 240 € 380 € 435 €
Residents, dental technologist 270 € 450 € 505 €
Students, oral hygienists, physician assistants** 170 € 285 300
Dinner, LSP member** 90
Dinner 120

*  Member of Lithuanian Society of Prosthodontics
** Student or employee ID must be presented at the event

Registration is OPEN ->  https://tickets.paysera.com/en/event/klinikiniu-atveju-kaleidoskopas-5ab7

The conference fee includes:

  • Refreshments during coffee breaks;
  • Lunch;
  • Face-to-face conversations with colleagues;
  • Certificate of attendance

Registration cancellation

Cancellation of registration is possible on payment of a fee under the following conditions:

  • Until 15th of April – 100% refund of the amount paid, minus a EUR 15 administration fee.
  • From 16th of April onwards – no refund of the fee.

Change of name

You can transfer your registration to a colleague under the same conditions. Change of name is possible:

  • Until 30 April – 15 EUR.
  • From 5 May onwards – no change of name.

Deadline of abstract submissions April 22.

All abstract submissions will be reviewed. Accepted abstracts will be presented as e-posters during the conference.

One author of accepted abstract will be welcomed to attend LOOD conference free of charge.

Abstract submission -> HERE


Conference secretariat | CREATIVA
Violeta Vitė
Email: info@lood.lt